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pr2 Protein Drinks

pr2™ Amino Protein Drink BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acid)
pr2™ Amino Protein Drink BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acid) from $4.99
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pr2 320™  Protein Drink
pr2 320™ Protein Drink from $4.99
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pr2 250™  Protein Drink
pr2 250™ Protein Drink from $4.89
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pr2 175™  Protein Drink
pr2 175™ Protein Drink from $4.79 $5.49
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A New Generation of great tasting, superior quality whole protein drink & vitamin supplement recovery products developed by a former Olympic, collegiate and professional athletic trainer. Dr. Dodson has developed pr2 products based on his research and experience with athletes and their specific recovery needs.


Is CrossFit for you?

May 08, 2014

  May 07, 2014 by Dr. Dan Cross fit is everywhere these days. Opinions of it seem to be polar opposites, people either adamantly hate it or obsessively love it. It seems as though CrossFit will either kill you or allow you to live forever. With all of that being said, CrossFit is definitely not for everyone, but is it for you? Here is what to consider before starting CrossFit:Social butterfly, or headphone hero?Do you enjoy “me” time at the gym, or do you love socializing? By its very nature, CrossFit is as much as a social circle as it is a sport. You see the same people everyday with whom you chat with before and after class. If you...

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Multi Event Competitions

November 26, 2013

One of our pr2 partners ran track in high school and it seemed the whole track team came down with swine flu or something and they ended up taking 18 athletes to a tri-meet. Coach was begging us to not only do well in our usual events, but to just show up for other events just to garnish some points. I was so exhausted trying my own version of the decathlon that it took all weekend to just walk without pain. pr2™ is an excellent tool to help athletes maintain peak performance during a long multi event competition like track meets, CrossFit games or a swimming invitational. They would be ideal for football two-a-days (we called them something altogether).  Drinking...

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pr2™ Over-Training Syndrome Study

September 11, 2013

PURPOSE: The primary purpose of this study was to determine if there was a correlation between the physiological signs of over-training and the psychological signs of over-training in collegiate wrestlers. METHOD: The RESTQ-Sport Questionnaire was used to evaluate the subjects’ psychological recovery status. The salivary cortisol testing was used to measure the physiological response to training and recovery. The Recovery-Stress Questionnaire for Athletes was administered each time a saliva sample was obtained. The saliva collection protocol was followed in accordance with the guidelines prescribed by Salimetrics. Each subject was given a cup of water, and then instructed to thoroughly rinse his mouth by swishing one mouthful of water in the attempt to cleanse the teeth and mouth cavity of unwanted materials. The subjects...

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Maximizing Your Workouts with Metabolic Testing

September 07, 2013

If we have specific goals, we need to have a specific plan. If you don't know the right intensity to workout at, you may be working out too hard or not hard enough. And what about those calories? How much can you eat without gaining weight?

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