Improves Muscle Recovery in 30 Days

Supports & Strengthens

Proprietary blend of bioavailable ingredients that support the nervous system

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Accelerated Recovery

Jumpstart recovery with essential amino acids, as well as glutamine, glucosamine, MSM & turmeric

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Scientifically Formulated

Replace electrolytes lost during activity

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Superior recovery

pr2™ recovery products are developed by a former Olympic, collegiate and professional athletic trainer. Dr. Dodson has developed pr2™
products based on his research, experience with patients, athletes and their specific recovery needs. In his work as an Olympic, collegiate and professional athletic trainer, Daniel Dodson Ph.D., A.T.,C. developed pr2™ products based on his research and experience with athletes at every level and their specific recovery needs. As a result, the pr2 line of products offer superior-quality whole protein & vitamin supplements developed for faster recovery with a great taste.

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Improved Performance

As a proven choice for professional athletes, pr2™ Systems adheres to anti-doping guidelines for all of its products. pr2™ Systems confirms that we do not manufacture, or have in the facility, any prohormones, steroids, or steroid precursors or any other substances banned by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) or United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).


"After I am done working out, one of the most important things is to get the recovery right then. pr2 allows me to do it. pr2 is a great high quality product that you can get in you right as you're done working out. I highly recommend it."

– Billy Bajema, former NFL player

"pr2 is a convenient way to recover from a hard day of work."

– Ekpe Udoh, former NBA player


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