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pr2 Protein Drinks

pr2™ Amino Protein Drink BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acid)
pr2™ Amino Protein Drink BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acid) from $4.50
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pr2 320™  Protein Drink
pr2 320™ Protein Drink from $4.99
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pr2™provides superior recovery programs to athletes, focusing on rehydration and recovery to facilitate positive changes in body physiology and overall improved health.

As a proven choice for professional athletes, pr2™ Systems adheres to anti-doping guidelines for all of its products. pr2™ Systems confirms that we do not manufacture, or have in the facility, any prohormones, steroids, or steroid precursors or any other substances banned by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) or United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).  

In his work as an Olympic, collegiate and professional athletic trainer, Daniel Dodson Ph.D., A.T.,C. developed pr2 products based on his research and experience with athletes at every level and their specific recovery needs. As a result, the pr2 line of products offer superior-quality whole protein & vitamin supplements developed for faster recovery with a great taste.


Visualizing 2000 Calories

February 03, 2016

Nutrition is tough. We all know eating right is essential to top performance, but at the end of the day, do you know what your fueling plan looks like on a plate?From bagels to Big Macs, this video from Buzzfeed takes a look at what 2,000 calories really looks like, and it will make you think twice about swinging through the drive thru on the way home! Of course, we aren't saying that you should totally focus on your calorie intake, but as you look at long-term performance, consider the quality of the calories you consume.Our pr2 Amino , for example, has 180 calories, but also packs a punch for your recovery with 19g of protein and a powerful blend of vitamins and...

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New Year, New Goals

December 08, 2015

The new year will be here before you know it, and if you plan now, those New Year's resolutions won't seem quite so daunting when it comes time to get out the door and get moving.So whether you're just starting a new sport, chasing a PR or competing in your first Jiu Jitsu competition, remember to start small.Call it an "oldie but a goodie," we're sharing this story from Jeff Galloway and Runner's World about how to set achievable goals for the day, the week and even the new year.*Click image below to find original story*

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ADCC 2015: Recover Like the Pros!

August 28, 2015

With pr2 Systems athletes Rafael Lovato Jr. and Justin Rader in Sao Paulo and finalizing their prep for ADCC Worlds, we're offering a chance to recover like these incredible fighters!In support of the hard work and effort put in by everyone competing, and all those that helped prepare these guys for Sao Paulo, we're running a 20 percent discount on our Elite Recovery Series: pr2 Amino! Use Discount Code: ADCC2015   The road to Sao Paulo was paved with an incredible work ethic from all of the "4 Horsemen," including Lovato Jr., Rader, Jared Dopp and Xande Ribeiro. Considering their work on the mats, and the work they put in with Coach Luke Tirey of Green Strength Fitness, this weekend...

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ADCC 2015: The Road to Sao Paulo

August 25, 2015

With pr2systems athletes Rafael Lovato Jr. and Justin Rader on their way to Sao Paulo for the ADCC 2015 Worlds, we're sharing this great story from Mike Pesh and Strong Indeed! Lovato, Rader and Dopp to ADCC(photo: Mike Pesh / see these athletes in action tune in to Budo Videos Saturday and Sunday, August 29-30 and don't forget to find and follow each on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for a personal look at the road to victory in Sao Paulo!

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