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Mike, Danville, IN

My son had a knee dislocation in October 2009. During his rehabilitation, I had him start taking the pr2™ Amino Acid before his workouts and the pr2™ College Elite formula mixed with milk following his workout. He is an extremely hard worker in the weight room. The next day he was not sore at all. I would recommend these products for anyone rehabilitating an injury. He started his first varsity football game nine months post surgery. Thanks pr2™ Systems!

Charlie Melton
Director of Strength & Conditioning
Baylor Men's Basketball

My athletes demand the best..... So I give them pr2™.
As a strength and conditioning coach, my job is to prepare my athletes to perform at a world class level. We use cutting edge training methods, exercise science, and high-quality nutrition.There is no product I trust more to give my athletes the edge on recovery and performance than pr2™. It is composed of the finest ingredients, it is portable, and tastes great. With its packaging style, I can add water in order to use it as a meal replacement, or add a carbohydrate source to utilize it as a post-workout product.

Jack Ransone, PhD, A.T.,C. FACSM
Professor, Texas State University

The use of pr2™ whole protein recovery product during high intensity strength training programs has been extremely effective in promoting muscle recovery by preserving lean body mass.

Steve Rossi, PhD, CSCS 
Assistant Professor, Georgia Southern University

The pr2™ branch-chain amino acids valine, leucine, and isoleucine are essential in the diet, and make up one third of muscle protein. One of the main functions of BCAAs is to be used as a fuel during exercise in order to spare other amino acids. Branch chain amino acids in combination with certain essential vitamins provides a good source of supplementation for athletes and exercise enthusiasts of all kinds.

Scott Agostini,CA
Long Live PR2!

pr2™ supplements have allowed me to train harder, longer, and recover faster. 

I was a little skeptical at first because their name was new to me. But, it was shortly after I tried their product that I was immediately hooked. 

I have been training for 5yrs now and I have never come across a supplement that truly performed and lived up to its expectations.

MSgt Ira Taylor USMC Retired

The pr2™ is a great addition to my supplementation program. 
Currently, I'm using it immediately after my workouts.... It's helping me to maintain my energy levels throughout the day. The taste is also great! There is nothing worse than having to force yourself to take supplements that taste awful. Thanks for the recommendation....

Kari, Oklahoma City

I have used several pr2™ products while training for and competing in 5Ks, 10Ks, half-marathons, marathon & triathlons. 
pr2™ is a great product that has enabled me to recover well and be ready for the next training swim, ride, run, or race.

Lynn, Oklahoma City

I might be 47, but I still like to compete and perform at my peak level so I have been using PR2 for over 4 years. I drink pr2™ before every tennis match. pr2™ improves my energy level and endurance so I never have an "energy crisis" on the court and I am able to play my best tennis from the first serve to the final point. In addition, pr2™ contains the proper nutrients to allow my body to recover so I can perform at my best day after day without feeling fatigued.

Ruth, 42-Years-Old

I am a runner and I love pr2™ after a long run. The best way to drink it is to mix with water and then put in the freezer. When I get home from my run, it is a delicious and refreshing slushy! I have found that I am less sore and stiff the next day when I use the product after running. The pounding of the pavement can take a toll on knees and hips, but pr2™ helps alleviate the pain and soreness.

Susan, 41-year-old

I am a 41-year-old endurance cyclist, and I've been using pr2™ Capsules for about 2-1/2 years. I typically ride about 150 miles per week, and during my long weekend training rides, I may ride up to 80 miles in one go. In the past I have had trouble with joint pain in my right knee and hip due to previous injuries. And as I'm sure you know, endurance sports can be hard on the body if you don't take good care of yourself. Since I began taking pr2™, my joint pain has largely gone away and I experience minimal muscle soreness (unless I really overdo it). A couple of times I have run out of pr2™ and waited a few days to buy more just to see what would happen -- my aches and pains returned pretty quickly. So I continue to use pr2™ and will continue to use it for the foreseeable future because I'd like to keep riding until I'm old and gray.