Frequently Asked Questions pr2™ Systems

Physical activity is necessary to maintain normal muscle mass, strength and prevent muscle atrophy. The use of supplementation by collegiate and professional athletes to increase athletic performance and enhance muscle recovery from workout has been on the rise. 

Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs): are protein sparing and help to save muscle protein. The branch chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine, and valine along with glutamine are taken up by the muscle in order to help with muscle metabolism. 

Protein is made up of amino acids which are broken down through a process called catabolism during exercise to contribute to muscle metabolism. The quality of protein is essential for the body to recover and has an anti-oxidative affect on the body allowing the body to convert fuel sources and promote recovery from repeated bouts of work (exercise). 

Frequently asked Questions 

Q What do the products of Performance, Rehydrate, and Recovery Systems do? 

A pr2 Systems products are designed to enhance the recovery of individuals after strenuous workouts and competition. By providing the body with the essential supplements that it needs to maximize muscle growth and repair. As the body recovers faster it is able to withstand a greater workload, thus allowing the individual to get bigger faster stronger. 

Q Why is the product better than what we already are taking? 

A pr2 Systems products are better for the reason that they use only the highest grade of amino acids and protein available. By giving the body the purest form and highest grade of supplement it will allow the body systems to utilize the product more efficiently with little body energy expenditure and little by product or waste. 

Q Are there any side effects? 

A There are no side effects to using this product. This product contains only the highest grade of protein and amino acids. This is a supplement to a normal diet and will give the body what it is missing from eating a normal diet. 

Q How do I take it? 

A This product is designed to enhance recovery. It is best taken after workouts or competitions when the body has gone through a maximum performance. 

Q Where is the product produced and what is the chance of cross contamination? 

A These products are produced in a FDA approved facility. By adhering to the strict FDA policies and guidelines for blending facilities the chance of cross contamination is eliminated.