No Soy

Erik @ CrossFit survival wanted to know about the amount of soy protein in our ingredients especially lecithin. I looked at soy a few years ago as an additional formula for pr2. But after reviewing the research at the time, I wasn't comfortable with the debate and decided we'd have no soy at all in our formula.


They say that eskimos have dozens of words for snow, and yet no matter what you call it, it is still snow. In the nutrition space, however, it seems there can be dozens of words for what appears to be the same thing, yet it is definitely not. The terms "natural flavors", "natural coloring", and such can be confusing. Even the old stand by of checking the label for "caffeine" doesn't work because people who don't want you to know have called it "black tea extract" or even "natural cola flavor". Closer to home,  all sweeteners are NOT the same as most people will acknowledge, but all proteins are not either. It is amazing to me, what companies (and the people behind them) will do to make a fast buck at your expense. All of the protein put into pr2 is 100% whey protein isolate (95) it is not hydrolyzed whey protein, it is not whey protein concentrate, or even casein protein--all which are lower grades and cause problems in recovery--our main focus and mission. 


And nothing comes from soy.


Watch for a more definitive review of why pr2 has whey protein isolate 95 and none else coming up in our newsletter