May 08, 2014

Is CrossFit for you?


CrossFit is everywhere these days. Opinions of it seem to be polar opposites, people either adamantly hate it or obsessively love it. It seems as though CrossFit will either kill you or allow you to live forever. With all of that being said, CrossFit is definitely not for everyone, but is it for you? Here is what to consider before starting CrossFit:
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Social butterfly, or headphone hero?
Do you enjoy “me” time at the gym, or do you love socializing? By its very nature, CrossFit is as much as a social circle as it is a sport. You see the same people everyday with whom you chat with before and after class. If you love being involved in the fitness community, CrossFit may be for you!

Follow the leader, or fly solo?
Do you like to follow the crowd when you’re training, or do you prefer to write your own routines and practices? When it comes to CrossFit, coaches run the show and that’s it. If you’re someone who likes to set your own rules when it comes to working out, CrossFit might not be for you.

Do you crave competition?
One of the reasons that CrossFit has exploded is because it brings out the competitive spirit in people. By making workouts either timed or scored, everyones scores are posted. This brings out people’s inner athlete, which is something that you should consider before taking the plunge into CrossFit.

If you still aren’t sure if CrossFit is right for you or not after considering these points, try a class out!