ADCC 2015: Recover Like the Pros!

With pr2 Systems athletes Rafael Lovato Jr. and Justin Rader in Sao Paulo and finalizing their prep for ADCC Worlds, we're offering a chance to recover like these incredible fighters!

In support of the hard work and effort put in by everyone competing, and all those that helped prepare these guys for Sao Paulo, we're running a 20 percent discount on our Elite Recovery Series: pr2 Amino! Use Discount Code: ADCC2015


The road to Sao Paulo was paved with an incredible work ethic from all of the "4 Horsemen," including Lovato Jr., Rader, Jared Dopp and Xande Ribeiro. Considering their work on the mats, and the work they put in with Coach Luke Tirey of Green Strength Fitness, this weekend is sure to be full of incredible action as they represent the best of the USA.

Of course, don't forget that you can catch all the action this weekend at Budo Videos!